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SEO Prices

SEO Prices

12 years experienced international SEO consultant with technical SEO and SEM management.

Countless success stories and global references.

Google and Authoritarian SEO-SEM tools, 100 over 90 + score.

I only work professionally with professionals. Low customer acceptance rate, high quality SEO.


Transparent reporting, ethical work guarantee.

The agency is not the consistency of friendly SEO.

Improving Website quality and reputation.

Technical SEM Management, high quality score.

Professional SEO study is
visibly, measured by the test increase.

  • Free techniques, advanced optimizations that will turn into performance instead of backlinks.
  • Advanced reporting to administrators, developers, designers, and the content department.
  • Google policies and guidelines apply to distraction, not fabricated policies.
  • Google, Yandex, Bing, YouTube, LinkedIn, App Store; 365 degrees SEO and SEM.
  • According to Crunchbase, he is among the best SEO specialists in the world.
  • Web site architecture that is free from technical SEO errors.
  • Full compliance with authoritarian scanners, bots, robots.
  • Achieving a high user experience.
  • All the works are done on site wide.
  • A/B and multivariate test.
  • PageSpeed optimization.
  • Conversion enhancement.
  • WEB site Traffic analysis.
  • Online reputation Management.
  • Website analysis.
  • Digital marketing.
  • WEB data analysis.
  • YouTube SEO.
  • WordPress.
  • Digital PR.
  • Html.
  • Ppc.

+ Website Country Year

Success Stories

Meet me now to listen and see the SEO-SEM success stories that I have achieved in Turkey and in the global. Let’s write the SEO success story on your site.

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Monthly SEO Packages

750 TL
1500 TL
3000 TL
6000 TL
Aylık Detaylı SEO Raporu
Aylık Rapor Sayısı1234
Aylık Mesai Saati361224
Teknik SEO Analizi
Dünyaca ünlü SEO araçlarından 90 üzeri skor
Analytics, Search Console, My BusinessX
Başlık ve Açıklama OptimizasyonuX
PageSpeed Çalışmaları
Mobil SEO
Kullanıcı Deneyimi UX
Yerel SEO
Saldırı EngellemeX
7/24 Erişim Takibi
Duplicate İçerik Analizi
Kırık Link Takibi
Görsel SEOX
Backlink Analizi
İçerik DesteğiXX
Anlık Algoritma TakibiX
Rakip AnaliziXX
SEM(Google Ads Hesap Yönetimi)XX
Mobil Uygulama SEOXXX
Sosyal Medya DesteğiXXX

SEO Package Details

With SEO Consultancy, we will build your site exclusively for your SEO project to be prepared online or offline. As a result of these studies, our goal is to obtain compatible sites for all search engines. All credit card installments can be purchased with all Internet (Coin, Webmoney v. s) and bank payments. We will work with your website with dedication like our own site. We have an extensive portfolio with 11 years of experience in
SEO. It is important to obtain compatible websites for search engines. With a quality SEO package it is possible. With SEO work to be done by req, we will deal with your sites like our own site. According to Google searches in 2018, 65% desktop organic, 38% mobile organic and 8.7% desktop AD, 6.6% mobile ad clicks, can provide the most effective traffic SEO packages from search engines. Do not rely on any person or institution that claims to have a keyword or ranking guarantee.

SEO Report

Detailed reporting will be conducted for all the studies mentioned in the Services section. It is essential to prepare these reports in the format and terminology understandable by both technical and marketing teams. It is important for the customer and us that the reporting to be done does not bring bureaucratic burden and increase productivity.

SEO Performance Metering Service

According to the work to be carried out at the beginning of the project, performance measurements are made in accordance with the KPı elements and status reports and action plans will be p
resented. The performance criteria to be determined may require an update over time. These updates can be caused by reaching the goals before the scheduled time or by losing the importance of goals over time.

Applying ethical techniques and Google guidelines

  • I am directing detailed reporting, manager, software, design and content department.
  • He’s working with enough wages, I’m dropping a bill.
  • I’m fixing GSC errors, tracking GA.
  • I’m not going out of Google directives.
  • I’m troubleshooting mobile compatibility problems.
  • I’m doing internal and external SEO analyses.
  • I keep following my job.

SEO price comparison

Company Name Monthly TL Price
SEO Instructor 1,995 – 5,250
The SEOCU 950 – 1,750
TAMSEO 750 – 1,750 
CRM Media 2,000 – 5,000
ZEO No fees were found.
Celil can 4,000

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