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I am one of the Manchester-based freelance SEO consultants. I will optimize your site as if it were my own. I spent more than half my life doing SEO (since 2006). An always-learning brave student who likes to practising what I learned. A teacher who likes to share/write when successful/unsuccessful/results are obtained. If you are looking for advanced level SEO service in the Greater Manchester area, you are in the right place. Reasonable then any agency, better than most of the SEO services.

Senior SEO Expert

SEO Manchester

Manchester SEO market is highly developed and competitive.  Hundreds of agencies and thousands of specialists are doing SEO in Manchester. I will optimize your site as if it were my own. I spent more than half my life doing SEO (since 2006).  If you are looking for advanced level SEO service in the Greater Manchester area, the rest of the UK or internationally, you are in the right place. Reasonable then any agency, better than most of the SEO services.

What is SEO? SEO is simply the method of applying ways to show a business’s web page at higher rankings in search engines like Google, Ecosia, and Bing. SEO helps us to maximize website traffic, By optimizing a website according to search engine platforms’ algorithms, The job of an SEO specialist has become much more complex in recent years. It got transformed from integrating websites and keywords to knowing everything about search engine algorithms, user reviews, and social media platforms. The final objective remained the same though, enhancing search engine visibility. Also, SEO strategies need to be uniquely crafted according to customers and should be updated on an ongoing basis. All of these tasks take knowledge, time, and effort. For these reasons working with an SEO Consultant with specific expertise is now much more rewarding.

Manchester SEO Prices

If you are a multinational company, I can offer you a transparent commercial approach at a fee higher than specialists, but lower than the agencies. I can buy backlinks for you and find creative content sources. You can buy SEO Services at fees varying between £99 between £999. You also have the option to buy free trial services.

Best SEO Agencies in Manchester

A professional perspective is important in choosing an SEO agency. I saw a lot of company boss’ who doesn’t know any IT information or SEO. In this context, you can find top SEO agencies in Greater Manchester on my page.


SEOREQ is an technical SEO agency based in Manchester. We are a local company offering affordable and results-focused Search Engine Optimization and Marketing services.

0161 666 36 53 – [email protected]

Embryo DigitalEmbryo Digital
While I write this content, their site was in the first position at SEO Manchester search in Google. It means that their SEO is very successful. They offer digital marketing (SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media), Web design & Development.

CandidSky is a digital marketing agency based in Manchester. They have a lot of clients across the UK. Their site design and SEO seems great. You should select them, for On-site Optimisation, Future-proof link acquisition, content optimization. So: Internet advertising their major company target.

Soap MediaSoap Media
I think, their major service is Organic SEO. They work for Technical SEO, Digital PR, Link Building over 13 years. Research & Planning, Design & Development, Digital Consultancy, Digital Audit, Customer Persona Design, Marketing Attribution, Market & Competitor Analysis available in services list.

Gorilla MarketingGorilla Marketing
Firstly, i liked their name. Gorilla marketing founded in 2013. Their mission has always been to provide business with online marketing, web management. Their approach is suitable, data-driven business growth. Search marketing & web solutions for businesses that service their local area.

Net Sixty SixNet Sixty Six
SEO Manchester Ltd is a Manchester-based website design and development agency. Their major services: Local SEO, Ecommerce SEO, Website Design and Hosting.


Your best search engine optimizer friend candidate. Owns the fastest keyboard speed you can see to help your ethical business.

Search Engine: Optimization, Analysis, Marketing, Research, Consultancy.

Website: Optimization, Analytics, Development, Debug Pages, WordPress.

Tools used daily: Google; Analytics, Search Console, Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insight, Devtools, Ads, Yandex.Webmaster, Bing – Webmaster Tools, SEMrush, Ahrefs, All in SEO, Yoast SEO, Screaming Frog, WebPageTest, W3C, GTMetrix.


Search Engine Optimization

I have been interested in SEO since 2006. 


Search Engine Marketing

Get in the first position on the Google Search and Maps with Google Ads.


Market and Competitor Research, Website and Traffic analytics.

Google Analytics

Google Individual Qualification Certificated Web Analytics Executive.

Website Optimization

I can create a high Google suitable website in a short time and very carefully. 


Outsource SEO Manager

Team building for software, design, content, website.

Local seo manchester

Local SEO Manchester Local SEO services can help you rank higher on search engines in your local area or in different business locations. Local SEO is a service for businesses which need to enhance their website rankings for location-related search terms. For instance, instead of targeting a worldwide English keyword like “Local SEO” (which is much more competitive and returns many more results), one can aim to target “Local SEO Manchester” which also gets an acceptable amount of searches per month and can be achievable in a shorter period than the worldwide English keyword. As a specialist with Local SEO expertise, I can assure you will rank higher on Google Maps or in the organic search results in just a few months.

Local Search Terms

The standard organic rankings for local SEO terms work similarly to worldwide keyword terms; firstly the authority of your site (achieved by quality, targeted link building study), secondly your website content and technical SEO parts are important. However, some other elements need to be adjusted on your website, to rank higher on search engines locally. Including your address and phone numbers are some of these elements. For instance, if you wish to rank higher for a “Manchester” based search term than you need to have “0161” in your number and “Manchester” in your address.

Google Maps / Google My Business

More and more people are opening Google Map results every day, therefore making sure that your website is in the ‘3-pack’ (the top 3 results people see when they make a search) will bring you the most potential clicks and get you more direct queries. Actually, Google Maps optimization may be so powerful that searchers will most of the time click on your phone number and call you without even checking out your website. Though optimizing websites for Google Map results in a correct way may be a long and detailed practice (depending on the term competition), it is truly profitable. It means that, if your website is ranking at the top of the Google Map results, then your website comes out above all of the organic rankings.

Structured Data/Rich Snippets

Although Structured Data is a field that was around for quite some time, it is still underutilized by many businesses, websites and even SEO companies. If you’ve performed a search on a search engine and had a box showing on the screen with some questions and an answer at the bottom, or been shown a recipe, a train timetable or a menu, then you’ve seen structured data before. Using rich snippets, you can get people to click on your website before they scroll down to other results on the page. By expanding the rich snippet, users like the ease of use and they enjoy getting their answer as fast as possible. Rich snippets are useful similar to Google Map results; they help you to generate clicks prior to a searcher has even thought about scrolling down on the results page. In addition to above-mentioned advantages, rich snippets may be complex to install and optimize for, according to how your website was built. If you need any support with your local SEO, please get in contact with me to discuss your options.
I’ve helped Medium & Large Businesses throughout the UK, Greater Manchester and Worldwide across a variety of different niches.

Search Engine Services

SEO Audit

I will work 10 hours on your site to create an advanced SEO report. It includes SEO, Code+Design+Content, Page Speed+Backlink Analysis and a month of consultancy.

Search Engine Optimization

I will optimize all the problems I find on the site with a team. It includes 10 hours of team working, SEO, Code+Design+Content+Page Speed+Backlink Analysis/Optimization and Reporting. 

Search Engine Marketing

365-degree search engine marketing for your website. It includes 10 hours of search engine optimization and 10 hours of search engine marketing. A detailed campaign set up with Google Ads (PPC).

SEO Package Details

  1. Clearing the website from Technical SEO errors.
  2. Continuous monitoring with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Lighthouse, Bing-Yandex Webmaster, SEMRush, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs and W3C tools.
  3. Reporting and eliminating errors of these tools.
  4. Analyze to improve mobile compliance and user experience.
  5. Title – Description – Navigation – URL systems are constantly monitored and optimized.
    Targeting better search engine market share in the industry by making competitor analysis.
  6. Backlink and content optimization.


Most frequent questions and answers

What does SEO mean? SEO = Search Engine Optimization, is to adapt to the algorithms that provide ranking sites in search engine results. Websites that do not comply with SEO cannot rank high in search results. All search engines, especially Google, expect their websites to be SEO compliant. In SEO, what Google says is more important than what people say. There is no place for individuality in SEO. Make your website a platform where the user can find what they are looking for. Google’s business philosophy is not that a business is very good, it is finished. Advance your SEO projects with this in mind. SEO expertise is a time-consuming task. 

In SEO education, you will be able to learn advanced SEO starting from scratch. By the end of the training, you will be able to manage SEO on a professional level. You no longer need to go to SEO Courses. With online lessons, you can improve yourself on this. Note: Release date and update date are different. This guide, published on 3rd party sites as PDF Training Kit, is constantly updated and the most current version is only available on this page. Updated on October 16, 2018 Warning: Do not build sites built for search engines. Google will understand this soon. If you’re going to be an SEO Expert, you’re not going to be an advertising engineer. With various analysis methods, you will be responsible for the optimization of the site. A good SEO Expert must master web technologies and trends. Google Analytics should be familiar with authoritative SEO tools and HTML in the industry.

Links given from one website to another are called backlinks. It has been stated many times by Google that it is also an important indicator for SEO.

An SEO works for the harmony of the Google algorithms. 

  • Index – Google stores all web pages that it knows about in its index. The index entry for each page describes the content and location (URL) of that page. To index is when Google fetches a page, reads it, and adds it to the index: Google indexed several pages on my site today.
  • Crawl – The process of looking for new or updated web pages. Google discovers URLs by following links, by reading sitemaps, and by many other means. Google crawls the web, looking for new pages, then indexes them (when appropriate).
  • Crawler – Automated software that crawls (fetches) pages from the web and indexes them.
  • Googlebot – The generic name of Google’s crawler. Googlebot crawls the web constantly.
  • SEO – Search engine optimization: the process of making your site better for search engines. Also the job title of a person who does this for a living: We just hired a new SEO to improve our presence on the web.

SEO is one of the most important channels in internet marketing. The SEO compatibility of a website provides organic growth.

  • Review of your site content or structure
  • Technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript
  • Content development
  • Management of online business development campaigns
  • Keyword research
  • SEO training
  • Expertise in specific markets and geographies

Technical SEO means cleansing a website from technical SEO errors. It basically works with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A technical SEO expert must also have technical knowledge from the server to the browser.

SEO is very important for a website not to be lost and found on the internet. It provides not only the availability of the site but also many profits, from site speed to increase conversion, to the reduction of server data.

All of the on-site SEO arrangements made on the site are called on-page SEO.

My current SEO service price is 350 between 700 GBP.