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Local SEO services can help you rank higher on search engines in your local area or in different business locations. Local SEO is a service for businesses which need to enhance their website rankings for location-related search terms.
For instance, instead of targeting a worldwide English keyword like “Local SEO” (which is much more competitive and returns many more results), one can aim to target “Local SEO Manchester” which also gets an acceptable amount of searches per month and can be achievable in a shorter period than the worldwide English keyword. As a specialist with Local SEO expertise, I can assure you will rank higher on Google Maps or in the organic search results in just a few months.
In 2018, local search terms are highlighted more than ever on Google, with many nationwide search terms also return a variety of local search results with the following positions convenient to rank in the SERPs:

Local Search Terms

The standard organic rankings for local SEO terms work similarly to worldwide keyword terms; firstly the authority of your site (achieved by quality, targeted link building study), secondly your website content and technical SEO parts are important. However, some other elements need to be adjusted on your website, to rank higher on search engines locally. Including your address and phone numbers are some of these elements. For instance, if you wish to rank higher for a “Manchester” based search term than you need to have “0161” in your number and “Manchester” in your address.

Google Maps / Google My Business

More and more people are opening Google Map results every day, therefore making sure that your website is in the ‘3-pack’ (the top 3 results people see when they make a search) will bring you the most potential clicks and get you more direct queries. Actually, Google Maps optimization may be so powerful that searchers will most of the time click on your phone number and call you without even checking out your website. Though optimizing websites for Google Map results in a correct way may be a long and detailed practice (depending on the term competition), it is truly profitable. It means that, if your website is ranking at the top of the Google Map results, then your website comes out above all of the organic rankings.

Structured Data/Rich Snippets

Although Structured Data is a field that was around for quite some time, it is still underutilized by many businesses, websites and even SEO companies. If you’ve performed a search on a search engine and had a box showing on the screen with some questions and an answer at the bottom, or been shown a recipe, a train timetable or a menu, then you’ve seen structured data before.

Using rich snippets, you can get people to click on your website before they scroll down to other results on the page. By expanding the rich snippet, users like the ease of use and they enjoy getting their answer as fast as possible. Rich snippets are useful similar to Google Map results; they help you to generate clicks prior to a searcher has even thought about scrolling down on the results page. In addition to above-mentioned advantages, rich snippets may be complex to install and optimize for, according to how your website was built.

If you need any support with your local SEO, please get in contact with me to discuss your options.

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