Content Marketing

Good photos and fancy titles were working well in the1950’s, but I think marketing is pretty much useless without audience-specific content. Using many formats, I generate engaging and popular campaigns in London or Manchester area.

Content is only useful if it attracts customers and makes them regularly engage with your website. You can write and upload as many long posts or detailed articles as you wish if they are not helping you engage with your customer, it is just noise. Good content marketing can put you to higher rankings on search engines, generate permanent relationships and bring customers to your website. Content marketing can make your potential customers into regular ones that will surely talk about your services and your offerings will spread with the word of mouth.

Fundamentally, good content marketing uses a bright idea or valuable data and creates a brilliant output, combining aesthetics and customer information at hand. It is like a well-written poetry book that you can’t leave or a fast-paced song that you don’t get tired of. Your content is what your customers will associate with your business, bringing you recognition as a brand worth spending money, time and energy in. With the help of your content, you will enhance your customer portfolio and reputation.

In my previous works, I have generated many content marketing strategies and I ensure you that using web data, technology and innovation, I can significantly improve your online and offline reputation. I can review your tone of voice (T.O.V.), generate videos, blogs and e-books. This will construct trust with your audience and enhance your customer retention by all means.

My Content Marketing Strategies

I will be your brand’s content marketing consultant, taking control of your customers and generating content plans that will make sure your website is winning in the online area. I will start by recognizing your business and tone of voice, or help you create one that will make you reachable to your customers. I will then carry out an entire digital marketing content analysis to mark fields for advancement on your website and create new ideas for marketing campaigns. This will consolidate customer demographic information, audience options, content marketing channels, assisting me to choose the suitable ones to drive more audience to your website.

Keyword study will lead the way and optimize the website text, and I will integrate PPC, inbound marketing and social media strategies which will ensure your content to be clicked on by those who need it the most. I am frequently following trends and industry news, so your content will help you become an industry expert. Using also scheduled industry webinars and customer events, I ensure you that your company will create the difference.

Reporting & Tactics

Afterwards, I report the results. I examine your website KPI’s in order to make sure you are engaging with your potential clients, publishing attractive content and converting all of this into rewarding leads. Your website content will not only be read, it will be distinguished and shared on social media.

I will be using Google Analytics to evaluate conversions, find out demographic information and keep track of customer journey through the website in order to find ways on how to advance it. Page visit counts, customer comments and shares and click-through rate (CTR) are just some of our customer engagement KPI’s, and I will constantly control your website content is ranking well for all valuable keywords. This will affect future tactics to be used, and with an unceasing study about attractive content, I will make sure your website content ranks high on search engines all the time.

Why You Should Work With Me?

I am a successful digital marketer based in Manchester, specialized in lead generation, social media, SEO and content marketing. I specify how best to reach your goals and create click generating content that leads to conversion substantially. Every new project demonstrates the exciting impacts our study can have for your brand and how shocking this can be for your partners. There is no work as too large. No objective is unachievable. It’s not surprising that our customers want more all the time.

If you are thinking about how to make your content exciting or your content marketing haven’t quite met your objectives, then together we can show your partners how attractive you actually are.

Content Marketing

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