Having collaborated with many well-known international clients, I have broad experience of paid campaigns. With this extensive knowledge, I ensure you will pay the lowest cost per acquisition while maximizing revenue from paid search. I am aware that there are many terms about paid search marketing, but I am dedicated to making it as simple as possible for you. My general approach is to cut down the job into important parts and mine data to enhance your pay per click (PPC), display advertising and Google Shopping using the most innovative ways. In brief, whatever business targets you may have, I can achieve it using the paid search campaigns.

The widely known idea with paid search marketing is to drive revenue or enhance website traffic, generally implementing a comprehensive digital marketing roadmap. You may be looking to hire a paid search agency due to time, resource or area expertise constraints, but you need to make sure that the agency you choose can offer you all of the paid options, and guide you through about how they may fit your website.

This broad knowledge of paid search comes only with specific experience, that is why I approach any client with a tailor-made solution. If I think you should consider something else other than paid search, I will tell you so. If however, paid search is a viable option for you, I will illustrate to you why and how. Being an official Google Partner, I can ensure you will benefit from knowledge beyond the common standard.

Search Engine Marketing Services

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPCProbably the most known type of paid search, pay per click advertising has developed substantially in the past years, which has made it remarkably more competitive in most of the businesses. The most popular PPC advertising area in the world is Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords). Google Ads platform allows companies to display ads that appear on Google’s search engine and some other Google products.

Google Ads runs on a pay per click system, in which businesses bid on keywords and pay for clicks on their ads. When a search is queried, Google looks into the pool of advertisements and returns a few winners to show in the advertisement space on its search results stream. The advertisers whose ads are published are chosen by evaluating different factors, such as the nature of keywords, how much they bid on the keyword and the relevance of the keyword.

If I need to give more details, the ad winners are chosen depending on their Ad Rank, a standard calculated by using CPC Bid (the advertiser’s highest bid) and Quality Score. This calculation methodology enables advertisers to show their ads to possible customers at their budget. It is an auction type according to Google Ads Settings. Other than Google Ads, there are also different choices available which can be examined according to your industry type.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping AdsFormerly known as PLA ads, Google Shopping provides a prime benefit for any e-commerce websites that are selling a physical item, such as furniture, clothing or fast-moving consumer goods. The essence of Google Shopping ads is that the customer is experienced to some degree before you pay for the click to your website using prearranged data about your items including images and prices. This generally brings a more budget-friendly process of paid search advertising.

Display Advertising

Google Ads DisplayDisplay advertising has various types and is constantly changing. While it has commonly been benefited as more of a brand recognition approach, it is getting more and more used as a direct selling channel and can be excessively powerful if it is applied by someone with expertise in the area. With video ads on YouTube or managed placements on Google Display Network, display advertising is functional and proposes something for nearly every business budget and target.